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How to Build Buzz for your Fashion Brand

Managing a fashion brand is a serious affair. From long hours at developing strategies to ensuring the brand remains visible, it is no easy task. But posting on Facebook, sharing pictures on Instagram and tweeting about the brand occasionally won’t be of much help. What a fashion brand needs is maximum exposure and a strong presence on digital platforms for it to capture audience’s attention! Both new and traditional media should be used effectively to promote the brand and to make it shine among others. No matter your brand is selling dainty dresses or active wear, a functional and impactful promotional campaign is imperative for your fashion brand’s growth. 

Have a look at our tips to increase buzz for your fashion brand – 

  1. Establish the brand’s website – It is necessary to curate a website for your brand. It’s where you get all the traffic, and the consumer gets a chance to know the brand in and out thoroughly. From learning about the brand’s story and values to gaining insight about the brand’s voice and products, a website is extremely useful. Just selling the products on marketplaces wouldn’t be enough. Multichannel selling is necessary and keeping your products available on both marketplaces and your website would increase the chances of your products reaching maximum number of people. The website gives your brand an identity and helps build up its image, also providing a platform for consumers to build a relationship with the brand.
  2. Make your website SEO-friendly – Building up an attractive and informative fashion website is just not enough for your brand to prosper. It is equally important that your website adheres to SEO rules and tactics, so that it gets a higher ranking in search engines. If you are goal-oriented and would like to stay at top of things, then it must be essential for you to make your fashion website pop out during relevant searches to get the desired views! 
  3. Write blogs – Post blogs on your website about fashion and the kind of products you sell. Giving information about what is trending and happening in the industry at the moment will make your consumers trust you. Educate and inform the readers about your brand, its motto and what difference will it bring to the consumer’s life. People need to relate to your brand to buy your products. For that to happen, it is necessary that the blog reaches out to the hearts of the audience. Not to forget, adding blogs to your website makes it rank higher in search engines, and its SEO will get better organically.
  4. Use social media to your advantage – Host competitions and giveaways, to actively promote your brand on social media platforms. Cross-promotion is beneficial, which will help your brand get more followers as well as increased engagement and sales. Make sure that your content isn’t boring and dull, that will lead your brand to lose followers. To stay on top the game and to keep the followers feel a part of the brand, continue posting interesting, attractive and interactive content. This will surely lead to your followers to be loyal to the brand and trust it. Gaining trust of the audience is essential as that leads to them visiting your website and checking out your products ultimately leading to sales.
  5. High-quality images – A fashion brand needs to be able to display its products in a manner which looks aesthetic and reliable. This is possible only when top-quality photographs are used for promotions and display. If your band sells dresses, don’t just post the picture of a dress. Ensure that you can hire a model and then make her wear the dress, and upload her picture on the website. This would furthermore give an idea to the consumer of how the dress will look upon wearing. Model photography for fashion brands is far more effective than just simply posting the pictures of the clothes. Spend time and efforts on your product photography as images make a huge difference to form your brand image and perception.
  6. Email marketing – Having your own newsletter and emailing that to your consumers and readers is a good idea to keep them in the loop about your products and initiatives. Emails are a great way to connect with people who are interested in your brand. This is an efficient marketing tool to make sure that your consumers remain updated about your product launches and sales. Moreover, one interesting point to note here is that, come up something interesting to make the readers share their email address with you. Instead of just asking them to subscribe to the newsletter, let them know that they will get 15% off on their first purchase if they subscribe to the newsletter. This will increase your consumer base and widen your brand’s reach.
  7. Smart copywriting – With a plethora of brand options to choose from and with our busy fast-paced lives, it is imperative to catch the viewer’s attention so that they remain on the website and pay attention to the brand! Describe your products in an attractive manner which motivates the readers to go through all of it and ultimately fall in love with the brand. Witty writing is useful as it amuses the audience and pushes them to go through the brand’s website efficiently.

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