Piccolo PR How influencer engagement is critical for your beauty brand

How influencer engagement is critical for your beauty brand

It is no doubt that most of us have heard of the term ‘influencer’ all over social media platforms, specifically on Instagram and Tiktok.

What is a beauty influencer?

An influencer in the beauty industry is a figure who is well known for their extensive knowledge of skincare, makeup, and hair care topics. Some beauty influencers have a larger following than others because their audience find their content relatable. This builds trust between the beauty influencer and their following because their audience is more inclined to perceive their advice is being a trustworthy source of information.

The use of beauty influencers for marketing your brand can be effective, as many of their followers find their beauty advice helpful. These influencers are usually contacted by brand marketers to post on their social media accounts about their products. A report by Influencer Marketing Hub revealed that 75 per cent of brands had spent money on influencer marketing in 2021. This is because influencer marketing creates meaningful interaction and engagement compared to using traditional methods of marketing tools. In return, these influencers receive free products or get paid for sharing these sponsored posts.


Understanding influencer engagement

A KPI that is worth paying attention to in influencer marketing is the influencer engagement rate. The reason for this is that it allows your brand to measure and evaluate how well your marketing content will interact with your audience online. To measure influencer engagement, you can analyse the number of likes, comments, retweets, and shares for each of their post.

Understanding influencer engagement is crucial as engagement rates can be used to indicate the commitment of their online audience. Selecting the right influencer for your beauty brand to collaborate with can be determined by the engagement rate of your chosen influencer. A beauty influencer with a high engagement rate paired with a strong following is a key point for you to consider when it comes to selecting the right influencer to collaborate with to achieve your marketing goals.

This indicates that the higher the engagement rate is, the more likely the influencer has a meaningful connection with their audience. This highlights that if the influencer has a high engagement, it reflects that their community is devoted, providing them with more influencing power. An example of this would be if a renowned influencer promotes a skincare product that magically removes acne in 3 minutes, their audience would likely look up the product and purchase it because they trust the influencer.  This will likely promote brand exposure and a higher conversion rate for the company.


How can you determine which is the best beauty influencer for your beauty brand for brand engagement?

Firstly, it is important to identify if an influencer’s content aligns with your beauty brand before analysing their follower engagement. For example, if your brand specialises in a makeup range, look to see if they would post about “makeup tips” or “makeup hacks” and even “my current favourite makeup products”.

Additionally, an influencer’s engagement rate represents the ratio of dedication between the content creators and their target audience. In essence, a good engagement rate allows you to decide if the creator heavily engages with their followers. If the influencer has a high number of follower interactions, your brand’s customer base would broaden to a wider array of audiences. Therefore, selecting the ideal influencer for your brand is vital as an influencer with a high positive engagement rate is an asset. However, the size of an influencer’s following is not necessarily indicative of their suitability to your brand. The reason for this is that some influencers may buy their followers to have a large following. As mentioned before, an engagement rate is determined by how many interactions there are on a post. A brand could potentially lose reach to its target audience if its audience fails to engage with these posts, resulting in a low engagement rate. Because of this, it is crucial to filter out beauty influencers who aren’t ideal for your brand.


Beauty Influencer Engagement – In essence

Influencers with a high engagement rate paired with a loyal following will help your beauty brand reach a larger market as they attract your target audience. Additionally, influencers equipped with engaging content can create real brand awareness as it promotes word-of-mouth advertising, leading to wider brand recognition. To conclude, a successful partnership with the right influencer could open doors for many new opportunities for your beauty brand. In essence, successful influencer marketing allows brands to develop their content by connecting with their customers in a way that is more organic and direct. Thus, forming positive relationships in the long run.

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