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Piccolo PR Knows…The Fastest Growing Areas of Public Relations

It is no secret that media landscapes are changing more than ever before. Piccolo PR keeps up to date with growing online media platforms and has an eye on industry trends, analytics, and engagement. 

As a full-service PR agency, we evolve and adapt to changing channels and platforms to ensure that brands represent and the people behind them continue to stay relevant in a growing digital landscape.

Strategic Media Targeting

Piccolo PR places a strong emphasis on researching key media channels and making sure they’re a good fit for brands before reaching out. Maximizing positive coverage in the media requires a clear understanding of what creates a great story combined with and the ability to cultivate relationships with editors.

Knowing who to talk to—and understanding their interests before taking the meeting allows Piccolo PR to make editorial discussions constructive and productive. By pitching stories that are of interest to particular editors, both the publisher and the audience they serve will have a more significant response.

This type of niche targeting helps you maintain close relationships with leading print, digital, and social media commentators to put your clients at the forefront of the agenda. As news breaks, we’re primed to place our clients in the media spotlight, to not only offer comment – but favorably shape the news.

Storytelling via Social media. 

Storytelling has always been one of, if not the essential part of any PR mission. Given the niche nature of our work, we regard our media contacts as industry friends. We use all social media channels to educate and encourage our clients about the power of social media to attract potential customers with a clear ROI.

We engage and leverage both ‘macro’ and ‘micro’ influencers to drive real commercial success. Our grading system is designed to categorize our influencers into tiers according to how many followers each has, level of engagement, and ‘digital hygiene’ (i.e., their reputation in the industry). We are genuinely embedded in the digital world.

Strong Brand Narratives 

Developing a brand narrative requires that we shine a spotlight on the origins as we build the genesis of your brand. The agency will provide editorial opportunities/draft op-ed content pieces, thought-leading articles, and business features for client review/ approval.

By selecting a mix of high conversion, strong economic/business orientated media we begin to create a clear narrative of the company you want to portray to audiences. We guarantee all pitches to have rigorous research & thought, are factually robust—and followed up with comprehensively enthusiastic discussions.

Engaging Consumers with Digital Content

The world right now is a constant flow of information; people now are looking for authenticity and personal connections from business leaders. Media and consumers all want to hear about companies who have relatable and captivating stories now more than ever. Consumption of digital content is high, which is why it’s so important to curate a digital social media strategy that highlights the best of your products and services.

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