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How To Use Digital Video Content to Beef Up Your Marketing Campaign: Piccolo PR Tips

Video has proven to be an effective and influential way to reacher a wider audience with your marketing campaigns. Digital video content can help tell your story and show your target audience the values of your brand while encouraging them to find out more about the products and services you offer.

Over 80% of online marketers now use video content to help them run their campaigns. Piccolo PR knows you want to join them, so get started using video content to add more color and vibrance into your brand’s marketing. Here are some of Piccolo’s top tips on how to create the best videos for your campaign!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Having a good grasp of SEO can be the key to bringing your video to a broader audience! Depending on the platform, you should keep in mind a few simple strategies to optimize your videos. Creating a focused and or informative title that grabs attention, researching the most suitable keywords to focus on in your description and title, and proper use of the platforms tagging system and an accurate synopsis are easy ways to optimize for SEO. All of these little things might not seem like much but can add up when it comes to how your videos are found via search engines.

Hook Your Audience

When it comes to digital video content, the first ten seconds of your video can be crucial for whether you will grab the viewer’s attention. Not all audiences are patient enough to watch your video in its entirety. By including exciting hooks in your video formula, you have a better opportunity to catch their attention! This could mean stunning product shots, showcasing the results of recipes first, or catchy content headlines.

Build A Story With Your Content

Digital videos can fall into familiar and repetitive formulas, which is why it’s essential to include content that allows your audience to connect via storytelling. Allow your team to weave digital content with stories that can be representative of your brand. This doesn’t mean you have to craft your videos from scratch. When it comes to your marketing campaign, everything is about creating your personal featured brand images and values. Try and involve some testimonials from your previous customers in your story to allow audiences to see others making real connections with your company.

Audience Engagement

Content may be king online, but your audience is your subject. If there is no interaction between the two, you should take a step back and analyze your content formula. Is it too complicated? Can the audience understand what the content is for after 10 seconds? It is a video for a marketing campaign. So let it be short, interactive, and engaging. Arouse the curiosity of your audiences with colors, sounds, and words. If your viewers agree with the values you tried to convey in your video story, they will most likely become your future customers.

Ending Your Videos

You have various options to end your campaign video. It could be a call for action, keeping your audiences’ engagement. It can also end in suspense, leaving the room for them to imagine and becoming more curious about finding out about your brand on their own. Aside from that, never forget to leave a “Thank you!” in the end.

Editing Digital Video Content

It is vital to edit around the platform you want to upload your video to. If it is mainly for mobile phone users, you can modify it to fit the mobile phone screen, building a better audience experience. Or if it is for playing on larger screens or youtube, you should be careful about the resolution of your video.

Analyze Your Success

You can learn a lot through your first video campaign experience but only if you can analyze the information behind it. Google Analytics is a reliable tool to understand your audiences and their behaviors and can help you track which content helped lead your audience towards more concrete purchases. Use it and prepare yourself better for the next video!

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