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We are Knitters

Retainer - 3 year retainer


Media relations was a core part of the PR campaign, drawing upon We are Knitter’s growing popularity over the past 10 years.

Piccolo PR was tasked with empowering people to learn the art of sewing and to generate awareness about the quality of patterns available in the range.
The agency successfully generated mass awareness and editorial presence in an extremely cluttered and fiercely competitive sector – all with no advertising or influencer marketing support.
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Using a strong mix of educational pieces, business angles, feature stories and an integrated influencer outreach campaign, Piccolo PR achieved breathtaking national coverage in Tier A media.

In precis, Piccolo PR focused on executing the following activities:


The Daily Telegraph; Herald Sun; The Courier-Mail; Peppermint Magazine; The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Marie Claire, Woman’s Day, The New York Times and VOGUE.
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This enormously successful campaign achieved a cumulative reach of 25M through media and influencer relations and kicked off a long and fruitful relationship with the brand.

In the first year of the partnership, over 650 pieces of editorial were generated. Piccolo PR achieved consistent product reviews and placements in and amongst key sustainability, print, online, blogs and social influencer channels.

Piccolo PR achieved $5 Million PREV across national and international publications.
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