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MAGNA-TILES® - America's #1 Magnetic Building Sets Launches in and Strongly Connects to Australian media

We have loved launching MAGNA TILES – America’s #1 Magnetic Building Sets Brand in Australia. Piccolo PR were engaged for a short burst influencer campaign to build brand awareness, motivate trial and repeat purchases. The results and the Australian appetite for sensory play toys has been overwhelming.

Piccolo PR’s focused media relations strategy spanned three months. We worked closely with @johncotoys and USA team to ensure cohesion throughout the comms globally as the brand continues to grow.

In just three months our IG Campaign reached:
Total Followers- 893,500
Total Reached via posts, Reels and shares- 42, 381
Total interactions with Social Media Posts- 14,014
Total Instagram Post Likes- 12,385

And there’s still more to connect with!
MAGNA-TILES® sets were originally invented by an educator, for educators. From those humble beginnings in the classroom back in 1997, the creative, colourful MAGNA-TILES® sets have earned their place as the favourite magnetic building sets brand for millions of families across the world – and an essential learning tool for growing minds.

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