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Piccolo PR reached 4,397,919 IG viewers nationwide

We’ve worked with the Headstart International team for more than two years. It’s been an absolute joy. With such a long and solid relationship, our Market knowledge is deep, as are our related media and influencer relationships and strategies. The PR and Communications strategy combined a mix of traditional media and influencer outreach.

We focused on gaining exposure through parenting, news, TV, culture outlets both in-region, state-wide and nationally.

Our Digital PR efforts made a significant impact.

Piccolo PR reached a total of 4,397,919 IG viewers. That’s a lot of Australian families who have been handpicked to fit each brief.

Piccolo PR and Communications was successful in securing both online and offline coverage for Headstart Australia across a broad range of publications including newspapers, online, parenting and trade publications.

We worked to increase brand awareness, customer engagement, website visitors and commercial success for this global toy brand.  

Over a period of 12 months, we achieved month on month coverage for Headstart International.

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